DSO Approval
Dubai Approvals Team is the leading engineering consultancy that provides a one-stop solution for all kinds of engineering requirements of our clients. We provide consultation services for our clients as well as Dubai approval services from DSO Authority and other different authorities in Dubai such as JAFZA, EMAAR, TRAKHEES, NAKHEEL, Dubai municipality etc. Our quick and easy access to DSO Approval services has helped us achieve many satisfied clients. We understand the expectation of our clients and are determined to exceed their expectations to build up a long-lasting impression of our services.
Dubai Development Authority

Acquire official DDA approval for business operations and building Permit Procedure in Dubai with Dubai Approvals Team. Our team consistently optimizes our Dubai approvals services for clients seeking DDA approval in Dubai. We connect with the Dubai Development Authority or DDA in relation to obtaining zoning approvals for master planning and building services on your behalf. The government is highly supportive of the private sector in Dubai and has created an organized system for managing it. We actively apply for building permit procedures of every kind on your behalf whenever you require them depending on the respective government regulations.

Our familiarity with the updated rules affords faster zoning approvals for construction and development within the thriving city of Dubai. In order to eliminate any risk of rejection, the experts at Dubai Approvals Team study the particular requirements of your DDA approval beforehand. We discuss the category of the application with you to ensure that we are on the same page. Commonly, clients approach us for fit-out permit as well as a building permit procedure in Dubai for modification and design. There are frequent adjustments made during construction due to unforeseen circumstances so DAT makes it easy for you to accommodate them in a timely fashion.

Tecom and DCCA Approval

Are you looking forward to get approval of architectural, structural, structural, and MEP drawings for your house, offices, restaurants, hotels, villas etc. from DCCA Dubai and TECOM as Tecom-DCCA approval. Well worry not Dubai Approvals Team is here to save you from all the fuss of getting all the approval letters from the related authorities.

Third Party Consultants Approval
Dubai Approvals Team offers a comprehensive range of services for companies that wish to acquire Dubai Municipality Approval related to third party consultants. Our highly qualified experts provide all the guidance you need to move forward with different types of Third party consultants approval including particular structural approvals for your engineering projects. You may rely on us to complete and submit your application for Third party consultants approval to meet your existing timeline.
DHA Approval
As the population is increasing day by day, the demand for medical practitioners is also getting a hike. The fastest-growing economy Dubai has a high demand for qualified working professionals. With its advanced culture and working environment, the city every year welcome many doctors, nurses, and medical interns to advance their career in the health industry. Although, there are some essential guidelines under DHA Approval that one has to follow in order to get a license to practice medicine in the United Arab Emirates. The United Arab Emirates is different from other countries as there isn’t one single license for all types of healthcare professionals. There are four different licenses; MOH, DHCC, DHA, HAAD. The license is valid during their clinical practice and must be related to the concerned field of the Dubai Healthcare Authority or DHA. The DHA (Dubai Health Authority) has authority over licensing in the mainland of Dubai. It includes basically all territory of Dubai except Dubai Healthcare City free zone. DHA is a health regulator as he owns and operates four government hospitals in Dubai.
Property Snagging and Inspection

Along with various Approval Services, Dubai Approvals Team provides first-rate Property Snagging and Inspection services in Dubai for a wide range of residential and commercial properties. We have specialists who will assess a property to check for any snags. Our objective for providing Property Snagging and Inspection services is to empower real estate investors and property buyers in rightfully getting what they have paid for and to guarantee that the contractor or the developer they have engaged has properly done their job.

General Inquiries

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